January 17, 2014

‘Very Thai Thai’

National Museum Volunteers Lecture Series

National Museum, Bangkok

Philip speaks at the NMV’s annual lecture series for the third year in a row, and the fourth time in total. This year’s talk will draw from the new chapters in the 2nd edition of Very Thai, focusing on the emergence of popular culture becoming a legitimate form of Thainess known as ‘Thai Thai’, and the exploration of everyday practical solutions being recognized as ‘Vernacular Design’. The talk will be followed by one from Ajarn Panya Vijitthansarn, the famous neo-traditional muralist, about his career as and artist, teacher and painter of The Thai temple in Wimbledon, London.

October 9, 2013

‘Very Thai: How Thainess Went Pop’

1st Southeast Asian Arts Fest, London

Wolfson & Tay bookshop, beside Tate Modern, London

Talk by Philip Cornwel-Smith to mark the international launch the 2nd Edition of Very Thai.

July 16, 2013

Thammasat Uni: ‘Phases of Bangkok’

‘Phases of Bangkok: Interpreting Thai urban popular culture since 1994’

Talk THAMMASAT 13-0716 title

The International Studies Department of Bangkok’s Thammasat University holds a talk at its Tha Phra Chan campus by Philip Cornwel-Smith. Addressing an audience of mainly American international students to familiarise them with how the Thai capital has developed, in the talk: ‘Phases of Bangkok: Interpreting Thai urban popular culture since 1994’.

February 5, 2013

‘Thai Pop Icons: Mysteries & Masterkeys’

Santa Fe Thailand Invitation

BNH Hospital, Bangkok

VT Talk BNH Thai Cliches 13-0205 title

Keynote talk by Philip Cornwel-Smith on ‘Thai Pop Icons: Mysteries & Masterkeys’ to an audience of new arrival expatriates in Bangkok. The event is hosted by BNH and Santa Fe and held in BNH Hospital.

Santa Fe talk DSC_4680 ed



January 23, 2013

Pecha Kucha

‘Taking Pop’s Pulse: What Philip Cornwel-Smith does…’

Pecha Kutcha Taking Pop's Pulse title

Philip gave a talk at the Bangkok chapter of Pecha Kucha on 23 Jan 2013. The event was held at Neilson Hays Library in Bangkok. The format requires speakers to talk for 20 seconds each for 20 slides. His subject was ‘Taking Pop’s Pulse: What Philip Cornwel-Smith does’

September 14, 2012

‘Farang Gaze Thai Trends’

‘Thai Trends: From Localism to Internationalism’ Exhibition Programme

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Bangkok

Panel discussion held as part of the public program of the Thai Trends mega-exhibition. The panel was moderated by the exhibition’s chief curator, Dr Apinan Posyanonda, with other panellists being David Elliot, a world-renowned curator, critic and former director of the Miho Museum in Japan, and Rolf von Büren, a Bangkok-based art collector and object d’art producer of Lotus Arts de Vivre. The discussion was recorded and a transcription will be published with the transcripts of other panels as documentation in a companion book to the exhibition catalogue.