November 29, 2005

UK Launch of Very Thai 1st Edition

Keynote speech, ‘Thai Contemporary’ Festival

Asia House, London

‘Going Inter: How Thai Popular Culture Globalises’


Thai Contemporary 2005 (17-29 Nov 2005). The British public’s general perception of Thailand seems to be one fixed in the past in the realm of temples and classical dancers. Little do people know that Thailand today has a thriving popular culture: from film and fashion to design and music, Bangkok is as hip and as experimental as any modern capital around the world.

During this festival, the stairwell of Asia House will be transformed into a mini-Bangkok by two young Thai designers, Chokeanaud Bussracumpakorn and Wan Sophonpanich, organiser and winner of the Thai Young Designers Awards at the Royal Thai Embassy, London 2005.

29 Nov – Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture

As editor of Bangkok Metro and Time Out, Bangkok, Philip Cornwel-Smith is a keen observer of Thai popular culture. His talk will delve beyond the traditional icons to reveal the everyday expressions of Thainess that so delight and puzzle. Tickets: 020 7307 5454

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