February 27, 2014

‘Bangkok: Megalopolis between Order and Chaos’

Swiss NZZ TV documentary on Bangkok features Very Thai in German

NZZ Bangkok between order & chaos websiteVery Thai‘s author is interviewed in a new documentary, ‘Bangkok: Megalopolis between Order and Chaos’, which premières on 27 March 2014 on the Swiss TV channel NZZ Format, which is run by the newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Presenter/producer Basil Gelpke interviewed Philip Cornwel-Smith about the state of Bangkok and its popular culture during the height of the ‘Bangkok Shutdown’ protests. The crew filmed at his house and then in the Samsen area, including the Wat In community and the hotel Phra Nakorn Norn Len, which has a very Thai-style decor theme resembling an old market.

The show will air in German speaking countries several times over 2014 and 2015. It is also viewable online at:


February 1, 2014

Filming Swiss documentary on Bangkok

Author Philip Cornwel-Smith to be dubbed into German

NZZ docu PCS Basil Norn Len DSC05399 copy

A Swiss TV crew from NZZ Format led by presenter/producer Basil Gelpke are in town to film a documentary about contemporary Bangkok. Among the people from different walks of life featured in the show, Gelpke and his Malaysian and Croatian crew interviewed Philip Cornwel-Smith on 1 February 2014, at his home, and in the Samsen area of old Bangkok.

Philip’s nephew Jake Moores helped with the documenting the documentary, including these photographs. While working in Bangalore in late 2013, Jake Moores  co-directed a short film entered into a competition for the Mumbai Film Festival, and which was given a theatre screening in Mumbai. He will soon intern in Kyoto, Japan, as assistant to the prominent Asian cultural expert Alex Kerr.

NZZ docu PCS Basil house DSC05307 edit

NZZ docu PCS Basil Jake DSC05416 copy


January 1, 2014

David Thompson’s Thai Streetfood


PBS Australia (and etc)

Interviewed in episode 11 of the 13-part series by David Thompson (Michelin-starred chef of Nahm) about the streetfood of Thialand. Interviewed on 16 Dec 2013.

April 2, 2013

Thai culture show title?

DATE??? April

Contemporary culture discussed on Thai cultural Heritage Day.

Thai PBS

Thai film and pop culture

April 1, 2013

Songkran Festival Trailer

DATE??? April

Thai PBS

Interview with Philip Cornwel-Smith by ???name?? about Songkran for a video montage of quotes as part of a festival trailer broadcast ahead of and throughout that year’s Songran Thai New Year Festival.

July 22, 2012

‘Spirit Houses’


Segment on ‘Foreign Correspondent’ (12 mins)

PBS Australia

Interview/presenting 12 minute segment on Australia’s top international current affairs program ‘Foreign Correspondent’, interviewed by Kate Gunn?????.

July 21, 2012

‘Why I’m a Thai festivalspotter’

Bombyx Stories

Opposite, WTF, Bangkok

Storytelling performance by Philip Cornwel-Smith at the first edition of the now regular storytelling night, Bombyx Stories.

December 1, 2011

‘Very Thai Movie’

Video installation (5 mins)

Bed Supperclub

Installation of a video of someone flipping through Very Thai for 5 minutes, projected onto the end wall of the dining section of the club/restaurant, projected several times nightly for a month.

August 9, 2010

Ports d’Attache: Bangkok

TV5 & Discovery Channel


Philip Cornwel-Smith [http://ports.tv5.ca/2013/index.php?page=personnalites-locales-saison-1] interviewed by photographer Heidi Hollanger for a segment on the hour-long Bangkok episode of this French Canadian documentary series about port cities. Made in French, with subtitling for Philip’s 8-minute????? segment about the diversity of transportation in Bangkok. Shown worldwide via Discovery Channel, it is now available on You Tube.