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Philip Cornwel-Smith thanks:

John Goss for his friendship, eye and know-how; Alex Kerr for his, mentoring, editing and preface; MR Narisa Chakrabongse, Paisarn Piemmettawat, Fon and all at River Books; designer Holger Jacobs, and researcher Chatchai Ngoenprakairat. For help on this edition, I also thank Marc Pachter, Howard Richardson, Rune Kippervik, Xavier Comas, Tang Fu Kuen and Paravi Wongchirachai.

I give a wai to the book’s advisors, ajahns Vithi Phanichphant, Paothong Thongchua, Piriya Krairiksh and Anucha Thirakanont. And I greatly appreciate its advocates, notably: TCDC; Kong at a day; Chuck Sutyla; Nilobol Phanichkarn; Eric Booth at Jim Thompson; and for the Very Thai exhibition, Allan Namchaisri, Shane Suvikapakornkul and ZEN.

Many thanks to all interviewees and those who supplied information, pictures and help, including: Inthira, Patpong and Preyamon Thanavisuth; Saran Mahasupap; Prasert Jermjuthitham; Irwin Cruz; Mill Pichet; Kathareeya Jumroonsiri; Manod Soising; Chamsai Jotisalikorn; Somtow Sucharitkul; Momoko Ueda; Phatarawadee Phataranawik; Phimphimon Phim-ngam; Gregory Galligan; Nat Prakobsantisuk; Pradit Prasartthong; Navamintr Vitayakul; Jennifer Gampell; and Pariwat Anantachina. For inspiration from my eight years as founding editor of Bangkok Metro magazine, I raise a glass to my colleagues, notably John Twigg, Ian Crawshaw and Howard Richardson.

I express my deep gratitude to my family and friends for their support and understanding. I also wish to recognise those w ho archive and report on popular culture, especially the Bangkok Post, Nation and BK. And finally, khob khun krub to the Thai people for such great material.


John Goss thanks:

Philip for his vision, encouragement, and humor; our dream publishers, MR Narisa Chakrabongse and Paisarn Piemmetawat at River Books; designer Holger Jacobs; Alex Kerr for kind words always; Amarin Ratanarat for his patient support, artistic eye, and driving beyond the call of duty; Joe Moe; Robert Hori; Robert McLeod; Toshie and Takaki Urabe; Mai; William Meyer; Eric Allyn; Saksit; Supot and Mian; Asana; Tawan; Tor; Ajarn Saji; all at Emerald Thai and Sunshine; and Tom Coughlin.