‘Very Thai Movie’

Video installation (5 mins)

Bed Supperclub

Installation of a video of someone flipping through Very Thai for 5 minutes, projected onto the end wall of the dining section of the club/restaurant, projected several times nightly for a month.

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‘The Thai Hybrid: How Thai culture makes imports its own’

National Museum Volunteers Lecture Programme

National Museum, Bangkok

Philip speaks at the NMV’s annual lecture series for the second time. This year’s talk addresses the common claims of Thai cultural uniqueness by looking at how so much of Thai culture actually comes from appropriation and localization of influences from abroad.


Talk by Philip Cornwel-Smith

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Les Guides d’état du monde: Thaïlande

Review in French guidebook by Arnaud Dubus.


Very Thai: Everyday Popular Culture. Un ouvrage superbement illustré sur l’univers thaï-thaï (typiquement thaï) avec de longs textes explicatifs.

Translation: A superbly illustrated book on the Thai-Thai universe (typically Thai) with long explanatory texts.

Published in 2011 by La Découverte.

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Tingtongbear’s Blog

ความเป็นไทย Very Thai

PDF: Tingtongbear’s Blog
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Siam Voices, Asian Correspondent

Thai Culture Ministry to crack down on religious tattoos on foreign skin

By Saksith Saiyasombut

Tattoos have a very special place in Thailand. They’re more than just permanent fashion statements, not unlike amulets they are regarded as spiritual guardians. Tattoos with religious or spiritual motives, called Yantra tattoos, are yet another sign that Thais take their beliefs skin-deep. Philip Cornwel-Smith dedicated a whole chapter in his excellent book Very Thai.

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‘Phases of Bangkok: Interpreting Thai urban popular culture since 1994’

WordPlay 1st Bangkok Literary Festival

Neilson Hays Library, Bangkok


Talk by Philip Cornwel-Smith

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‘Tools to Untie Thainess: How I Wrote Very Thai’

Bangkok University, GET CORRECT NAME OF Department, Bangkok

Talk by Philip Cornwel-Smith

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Thailand Footprint

Featured Footprint:
Artist Chris Coles – Bringing it to the Bangkok Night



“Meetings with Chris are always memorable. There was a mid-day meal at SUDA restaurant years ago where Chris informed me at our lunch table, “You need to buy, Very Thai.” A book written by Philip Cornwel-Smith and now in its second edition, with additional photographs by John Goss. After we finished eating we walked to the Time Square Building on Sukumvit 12 and went up the escalator to Asia Books on the second floor. That Asia Books store is now gone. But I still own Very Thai thanks to Chris Coles. It is a great book about everyday popular culture in Thailand.”

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Planet Asia Podcast Series

Thai Culture & Quirks: Phillip Cornwell-Smith, author of Very Thai

<iframe src=”http://www.podbean.com/media/player/audio/postId/1694329/url/http%253A%252F%252Fsmilingalbino.podbean.com%252Fe%252Fthai-culture-quirks-phillip-cornwell-smith-author-of-very-thai%252F/initByJs/1/auto/1″ width=”100%” height=”100″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>


Planet Asia podcast 2014-06-29

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Engaging Thailand Tips

Recommended Books

By Trevor Bide on January 7, 2011

There are some things that are very Thai and knowing about them will greatly help your understanding of Thai ways and popular Thai culture. What is Hi-So? The love affair with red bull and energy drinks, ghost stories, amulet collectors and fortune tellers. Thai Massage, What is a sniff kiss? These are just a few of the things you will read about in the excellent 256 page book with fantastic photographs called “Very Thai“.

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